Cooghi Kids Scooter – Gift Idea For Toddlers – Best Toddler Scooter
Kids’ Scooter @cooghi #cooghi
Helmet Pad Set
Helmet, wrist brace, elbow pads and knee pads
I get a little nervous when it comes to scooters and skates but Cooghi changed that.
Kids’ scooter from cooghi is very lightweight and strong. Two front wheels give extra support. The brake is very reliable. My toddler learned to balance on it very quickly not to mention we love the color and lights in the wheels.
If you go to their amazon page you’ll see they ran a car over it, no sweat. It is unbreakable.
Will keep giving updates on my Instagram.
So far I don’t feel like we are going to have any problem with it because they offer 2 year customer support with replaceable parts.
I ordered a helmet pad gear with is perfect for my toddler. It doesn’t slip and does not feel to tight.
It is very comfortable.

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