How To Make An Indoor Climbing Wall

How To Make An Indoor Climbing Wall

There is nothing more satisfying than building something for your kids with your own hands.


Things You Need:

4×8 Plywood Sheet – Home Depot $38

Rocks with Hardware – ebay $54.99

Extra 100 T-Nuts – Amazon $13

Paint $15 (Optional)

Wood Glue $5 (for a bottle)

3 Inch Long Hex Screws $1.79

Wall Measurements



Drill bits

Measuring tape

Drill machine

Impact Driver

Ratchet Wrench



Safety glasses



Ordered Rocks, T Nuts and Bolts from ebay

These are 40 very good quality rocks with hardware

Made T-Shape jig to make an 8inx8in grid on 4ftx8ft plywood

Drilled holes at every 8 inch of that jig (watch video for reference)

We joined two 4×8 plywood sheets before drilling the holes in.

T Nuts will go at the back to screw Bolts and Rock at front

Fill the gaps with wood glue

After drilling the holes according to the grid. We drilled some random holes as well

Sand . . . Sand . . . Sand

Hammer in the T-Nuts

Measuring to cut it according to the wall

Cut to fit

Sand again


Moved to the basement

Now screwing in the Rocks with bolts using impact driver

Gave it an incline

Secured it with Hex Screws

We made this wall for a toddler. So we gave it an incline and used all 40 rocks. Secured it with Hex Screws on top. Placed a mattress at bottom and safety harness.

When she gets better at it and wants to be challenged. We will make a back frame to install the climbing wall straight with the wall. Will include the second wood pallet as well. Increase the space between rocks. Will use plenty of spare T-Nuts that we ordered from Amazon. Still mattress at the bottom and Safety Harness.   

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