How to Potty Train a Toddler

How to Potty Train a Toddler

How to Potty train a toddler

I know how frustrating that could be when all you want is a solution. We wanted one 🙂

Wanted to train our baby before her second birthday; well it did not work out. Then I tried when she was two and a half. Again it was a big Fail.

Every kid is different. Following are the tips and tricks that helped us to train our 34 Month Old Very ENERGETIC Toddler.

  • See if they are ready

I know every article says that but it is really helpful if you train them when they are ready.

So how to determine that?

For us these two signs told us that she is ready.

  1. Started following instructions to a tee.
  2. Knows when she goes. Although she was wearing diapers but she knew that she had to go.

What did we do?

  1. For Number 1 (Pee) we asked her to tell us when she has to go even if she is wearing diapers.
  2. She didn’t want to talk about Number 2 (Poop) so we let it be in the beginning.
  • Are you ready?

It is very important to be mentally ready to train your child. Get whatever help you can. If it is just you and your partner try starting it during weekend so that you are not exhausted.

  • Say Bye-Bye to Diapers

Training pants did not work for us. She took them exactly like diapers and wouldn’t tell us. We took the diaper away. Got her favorite underpants. OUR FAVORITE UNDERPANTS

We tried different potty seats. The one that fits the regular toilet worked best for us.

For the first two days we took her to toilet every 15 minutes. It needed great commitment but definitely paid off well. 

In those days we pretty much became aware of her non-verbal actions before going Number 1 or 2.

We had 2-3 accidents each day.

She went Number 2 in her diapers

3rd day we told her that we will not take her to the toilet unless she tells us to.

We had two accidents she was not happy about it and a little embarrassed as well but she told us right after she had an accident. Third time she started making faces and we asked her do you want to go to toilet and SHE SAID YESSSSS we ran and celebrated later because it was a success.

  • Potty training chart simply works!

We did not want to give her any chocolate or candy as incentive so we became creative and used stickers instead.

I made a DIY potty training chart, Tape it on the bathroom wall and she would put a sticker on it every time she went.

Potty Training Chart worked like magic for all of us. It gave us the idea of how much time she goes, when she goes. Gave her motivation to put more stickers on it.

No sticker if she did not go. Clapping and appreciating for trying but sticker only when she goes.

  • Accidents are part of the process

No discouraging comments, scolding or signs of disappointment if they had an accident.

In fact accidents are integral part of the process. When it happens take them to the bathroom anyway, clean them and ask them politely to tell you next time. Tell them it is great that they are trying. You may think that they are too young to understand this talk but trust me they do understand.

Spend more time in carpet free area

Roll and put aside your favorite shag rug

Baking powder and salt 1:1 ratio with some essential oils in it work great on carpet and mattress to dry and remove odors.

  • Be Ready for the gross part

Alright it is time for us to face the gross part. My little one did not want anyone around when she had to go Number 2. She held her poop for first 2 days of potty training. 3rd day she was running in the house crying her eyes out and trying so hard to stop it from coming out.

She was doing really well with Number 1 so we decided not to push too hard for Number 2.

It is ok if they want to go Number 2 in diapers in the beginning because they should know that we appreciate their efforts and we want them to do things at their own pace. Offer them to go to the bathroom and sit on the potty seat while they have diaper on and do Number 2.

Some kids are scared of Number 2. Offer them to hold their hands, sing song or blow bubbles. That is what we did.

Next couple of days she went Number 2 in her diapers on the potty seat. Asked us to hide or close our eyes. I showed her dirty diaper (yes I DID) and told her it is better to drop icky poopy in the potty seat and flush it awaaaaayyy and if she does that she will get a BIG STICKER.

  • Make it a big deal

After couple of tries she did Number 2 in the potty. We made it a huge deal and celebrated. Gave her compliments. She got to choose her favorite sticker and we made a separate chart for big Stickers.

  • Night time

We were so happy with the way she was progressing so we did not rush night time training.

She was wearing training pants at night and she wet her training pants sometimes but we did take her to bathroom soon as she wakes up and before going to bed.

Bottle – Book – Bath – Bed is her bed time routine since she was 9 months old now she takes her milk in tumbler and goes after bath.

After Couple of days we noticed that she was uncomfortable in bed. Changing sides. Sometimes getting up in the middle of the night.

We took her to the bathroom and she went right away. It was a huge success.

From that day onwards if she is uncomfortable during her sleep, me or her dad would take her to bathroom.

One day around 3:00am she woke us up and said she had to go Number 1. That was big moment for us. Since that day she did not wet her bed.

  • Short Trips

Once we got the hang of the whole potty training thing, we thought to take her for a short trip.

First take them on small car rides then take them to some place they are very comfortable like grandparents’ house etc.

Here foldable toilet seat helped us a lot because she was already comfortable with it we packed it and took it with us.

For long travel or camping you can use potty seats with liners.

  • Remember

They are just kids. Accidents may happen after all this.

Stay consistent and be patient.

They will learn and days from now you will be sitting on a couch writing an article about it to share your experience with other Mommies or help keeping your friend calm who is completely freaking out about potty training.

Stay Strong Mommy and Daddy

You Got This

Links of the products that we used:


We Stocked up on underpants and our baby loves to pick her favorites from Target

Potty Seat:

Foldable Potty Seat

Sticker Book

Whether you want it for potty training chart or for your journaling, this sticker book is perfect

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